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Stranger at the Door by CAUSES (Members of Animal Holograms, Opposites, Evasive Backflip and TOOFUNCHILD)


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bottomlounge with @odonisodonis.  Photo credit: Bluestribute Entertainment.

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Listen: Animal Holograms - "lengi nætur" -- Obscure Sound


"Somewhere between the vocal stylings of Marc Bolan and Elliott Smith, Jason Williams’ voice is a hypnotic and understated element of Animal Holograms, a Chicago-based trio with a dreamily loose sound that blends shoegaze and dream-pop…"


Happy Saturday!

Scope this sweet write-up on my friend Jason Williams/Animal Holograms in Obscure Sound. In the article they also credit me & Jesse Askren (who most recently sat in on bass with Matt/The Gunshy), but I’m pretty sure that all the arranging/editing/real work was done by Jason.

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Nothing better to do on a thursday night?  Why not record a Land of Talk cover?  I posted the Animal Holograms cover of Goaltime Exposure from Cloak and Cipher (2010) on our soundcloud.  

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almyndir dýr - SoundCloud link

Our Tumblr debut with almyndir dyr.  Show us some facebook love?